Burbank Party Bus

It is easy to find a large number of reputable companies renting party buses in Los Angeles, but what very few articles discuss are the actual rental costs attached.

The price of your chosen bus rental takes a number of factors into consideration such as the size of the bus, the date you need it by, and the length of time. For a city as big as Los Angeles, the average bus rental costs are about $200 per hour, but it is possible to get them as low as $100 per hour for party bus rentals in Burbank, CA as an example.

What Determines Rental Costs?

One of the biggest determining factors for rental prices is associated with where you live. As Los Angeles is a large and populous city, rental costs are much higher than what you would find in a small town. This is due in part to the higher fees that companies have to account for when it comes to licensing, insurance, and toll costs.

Businesses also need to take their bottom line into consideration. With better quality buses available for rent and a nicer location, overhead costs automatically increase. This often lends itself to higher rental fees passed onto consumers.

There are certain aspects of renting a party bus that you can have control over. The size of the bus and the amount of luxury provided are important factors that determine pricing. A national average survey has revealed that you may find party bus rentals for 10 people starting at just $100, however, increase the number of guests to 20, and you may be seeing costs in the $150 or higher range.

Oftentimes, seasons as well as upcoming holidays do have a direct impact on rising or falling rental costs. A bus for New Year’s Eve will demand a premium price in LA versus a rental on a Tuesday evening sometime in October.

In addition to the time of the year impacting prices, you will also discover that many rental services also require a minimum number of rental hours. Once again, the average number of required hours in Los Angeles is around four, but it’s a given that the more time you spend with the rental, the higher the subtotal. It is also worth mentioning that the distance traveled also factors into your final costs as some companies also charge for fuel. Even if you find you and your guests bar hopping, there is a good chance that it can add up.

Did you know that you’re also held liable for any potential damage? If glass breaks or the interior of the party bus needs extensive cleaning, these are all additional fees that will get added to your final bill. Most companies have a cleaning base rate starting at $150, and any damage is in addition to that rate.

Los Angeles rental costs are pretty close to the national average, which was revealed to be around $530 to $624. However, it is not uncommon for rental costs to go up past $1,000 when add-ons or special features are selected.

No matter what type of service for a party bus rental in Burbank, CA, be it for visiting LA’s brewery scene or a wedding, party bus companies are happy to work with you on pricing so make sure to give LA Party Bus a call for your next trip.