With so many transportation facilities around, it’s confusing to decide which one you should book if you want to travel with your entire group of friends. Party bus rentals in Los Angeles, CA or Uber are two options that people choose the most.

Glendale Party Bus

They are convenient to ride, don’t cost a fortune, and comfortable. But which one should you select between these two? Which one has the edge over the other?

Here are a few points that you should keep in mind.

1. Cost

Uber is cheap, but only if you travel in a small group and for a few hours. If you are looking to travel with a big group, you should rent a party bus. Suppose you visit Las Vegas and you want to visit all the tourist spots in two days. Uber may not provide a rental for so long. Most importantly, it may not have a vehicle that’s big enough to accommodate your entire group. Thus, you have two choices: either book multiple Ubers multiple times. Or hire a single bus for a couple of days. The latter is cost-effective for everyone.

2. Safety

Both Uber and party bus rental are quite safe. Uber drivers are aware that their incentives depend on your feedback. They wouldn’t do anything out of their way that would disappoint you and your group. On the other hand, party bus rental companies want to keep their reputation going among customers. They know that a single review can turn their reputation upside-down. As a result, they try to provide the best service whenever you want to rent one of their buses.

3. Availability

Although Uber claims that they are always ready to serve their customers, the reality is slightly different. Most people complain that they don’t get Ubers during festivals. There is a long wait time, and it starts to get frustrating. You wouldn’t want to wait for forty-five minutes for your cab to arrive. And that’s only if an Uber is traveling in your direction. Party bus rentals don’t have that drawback. Sure, you need to book a bus ahead of time during festivals, but once you have a confirmation, you can be assured that the bus will wait for you wherever you go.

4. Convenient

Booking an Uber is fine, but you don’t get to choose the car in which you want to travel. With a party bus rental, you have the freedom to select the bus model before booking. Uber is app-based and would provide a vehicle that’s nearest to you. It’s more of an essential service than luxury. But a party bus rental wants to provide a luxurious experience. They have top-notch facilities like TV screens, music systems, huge space to keep your bags, party lights, and many other facilities. Most importantly, your entire group can travel together instead of traveling in different cars.

There is no doubt that Uber provides fast service throughout the year. But it isn’t as convenient if you compare it with a party bus rental in Glendale, CA. Rent a larger vehicle for a better time with a service like Los Angeles Party Bus if you want to travel in a big group.