When you are deciding between renting a party bus or a limo, you may wonder what the actual differences. In the minds of most people, they are very similar in style and appearance. However, most people will assume that a party bus rentals in Los Angeles, CA are simply just bigger.

Burbank Party Bus

There are many advantages to each one, depending upon what you want to do. If you are traveling with a large group of people, perhaps a party bus would be the ideal choice. However, a limo bus does have its advantages. This is how you can choose between a party bus is when compared to a limo bus.

What Is A Party Bus?

This is simply a large bus that has been crafted to accommodate people that will be using it for festive occasions. They tend to have areas in the bus where people can sit and lounge together. There may also be a television providing music videos that people can watch. There are some party buses that have a couple of different layers. You may even be able to go on the outside of the bus right on the top. This is a little bit different than a limo bus.

What Is A Limo Bus?

Just like a party bus, a limo bus is going to have just as many amenities and features. There are virtually no differences between either of these vehicles. The primary difference is in their overall size. When you are using a party bus, you can accommodate up to 50 people in most cases. A limo bus might be slightly smaller. He will have a much lower ceiling, and a much lower price point, due to the increased number of amenities in the limo bus.

Which One Should You Rent?

If you are planning a bachelor party or a wedding, a party bus would be the perfect option. It’s also ideal if you are planning a high school prom. These tend to have very high ceilings, and you can usually rent one for about $10 per person. If you want to have a flashy bar and disco lighting, a party bus would have all of that as well. There is also increased safety for those in the party bus simply because of the way that it is designed. A limo bus will have everyone at the same level. However, you could have hardwood floors, and even VIP rooms, that will be exceptional in detail. If you are working on a budget, but you want the largest amount of available space, a party bus would be your best choice.

As you decide between a limo bus and a party bus, you now know what to expect. A limo bus will be more expensive and is likely designed for more corporate activities. However, when you are planning a get-together with friends and family or planning a graduation party, a party bus would be the ideal choice. It is highly recommended that you contact several different companies. You can get estimates on both the limo bus and the party bus at the same time. They can even provide you with recommendations based upon what you will need it for your party bus rental in Burbank, CA or LA. Eventually, you will have rented one of these vehicles for that special day you are planning and if you want a free estimate give LA Party Bus a call for a great price.