Wedding Transport Los Angeles

Your wedding is one of the single most important milestones in your lifetime. Much like every aspect of your big day from the attire to the reception, transportation is a crucial part of the process. Getting yourself from point A to point B in style is often easier said than done as there’s a lot of thought that goes into the process. Below, we will discuss the ways to effectively book your own wedding transportation.

1. Create A Timeline

In order to book your transportation, you will need to prepare a solid itinerary of how you will spend your wedding day. This is necessary to ensure that you know where and when the vehicle needs to stop. Though you won’t probably know every little detail ahead of time, having a vague idea and an estimated timeline can make the transportation easier for you and your chosen company.

2. Establish Budget

You will want to budget for everything on your big day, and your transportation is no exception! It’s important to remain realistic about pricing when it comes to professional services. At the very least, you will need to book transportation for three or four hours. Most companies not only charge by the mile, but have a standard fee for the hours used as well. It’s best to get a few estimates from different companies to get an idea of what a fair price is.

3. Reading The Fine Print

After you have a company in mind and have received a favorable estimate, it’s important to read the fine print outlined in your contract. This will often entail little details such as the deposit, total cost, gratuity, potential refunds, pick-up and drop-off timelines, and the vehicles you’ve requested for the service.

4. Share Your Itinerary

Though you may have everything planned out, in your head at least, make sure to share this information with your transportation company. They will need access to the details of your itinerary to ensure that they can plan the timeline according to your needs. Additionally, you may wish to email this itinerary to your bridesmaids and family riding with you in the vehicle.

5. Bring On The Creativity!

Transportation doesn’t always have to be a fancy limousine. Many couples opt for something unique like a horse-drawn carriage or even a school bus! As unique as you are, you should consider options that fit your own wedding plans and personality.

6. Plan For Extra Trips

It’s only fair that you understand that not every family member or friend may want to stay too late for the after party. Plan to have guests leave earlier and pay the transportation to accommodate them. If your wedding budget is a bit too tight, consider asking someone to offer their carpooling services.

Booking the transportation for your wedding day is a fairly straightforward process. However, during such a busy time, it’s possible that you may feel stressed out enough to forget minor details. From sharing the itinerary to reading the fine print in your contract, the booking should receive all the due attention it deserves. For inquiries on the Los Angeles market, LA Party Bus offers the best wedding day party bus rentals in Los Angeles. Give us a call today!