Los Angeles Party Bus Rentals

A party bus rental in Los Angeles, CA is a fantastic way to reach your downtown destination while creating memories with your friends. No two rental services are alike, and you will undoubtedly see a number of differences between the amenities, types of vehicles, and the pricing structure offered. Before you hop on that party bus and go downtown, here are some important things to consider:

Double Check Capacity

You may have a set number of people you’re choosing to invite to your party, but it is always advisable to rent a bus slightly larger with a few extra seats for last minute guests. This makes it easier for you to calculate costs and not have to cancel or upgrade your rental service at the last minute. Even if you don’t get any extra guests arriving as a surprise, you can still use the extra room to give everyone plenty of personal space.

See The Rental In-Person

Never commit to a rental before physically inspecting the bus in question. Most companies invest a great deal of money into creating fancy photos and flyers to draw you in, but when expectations don’t meet reality, it could cause serious problems for you. Reputable companies will have no problems with you seeing the rental in-person before signing the contract.

Get A Foolproof Contract

Hidden charges and fees are very much a real thing and can happen with virtually any rental service. It is important to ensure that you don’t get hit with hidden charges you aren’t ready for. Ask for your contract to include any and all costs that you’re responsible for paying.

Know Upfront Costs

Rental services in the party bus industry usually require an upfront deposit when you decide to rent a bus. Additionally, this is also a good time to consider if you’ll pay for every passenger, or you’re looking to split the costs with your guests. This allows you plenty of time to do the necessary calculations.

Know Local Alcohol Laws

Depending on the age of your guests, you are responsible for ensuring that no minors are drinking alcohol on your watch. However, if everyone in your party is 21 years of age or older, this is not a problem.

Always Choose Quality Over Affordability

It is in everyone’s nature to want a good deal or think of ways to cut costs, but when it comes to a party bus rental service, make sure you choose a quality option. If you’re stretched thin in terms of budget, consider splitting the costs with your guests and asking everyone to pitch in. Bear in mind, a cheap bus will look old, run down and will certainly have seen better days.

Running a party bus downtown is a fun way to hit the local clubs and enjoy the nightlife with your friends! Whether you’re hosting a pre-wedding event or a birthday party, these buses can help set a fun atmosphere and create long-lasting memories. Fortunately, most party bus rentals in Los Angeles, CA are honest and have no trouble accommodating all of your needs!